First Look: Skype is Available @ iTunes

The much awaited Skype iPhone app is now available via iTunes.  I just installed it, so let’s take it for a spin.

Download and installation was a breeze.

Note that the Skype app requires a wi-fi connection.  I’m at home, where one is available.

Here’s the sign in screen.


Sign in was easy, leading to the All Contacts screen or this Online Contacts screen.


Can’t call Mike, since he’s in the midst of audio hassles.  But a Skype Test Call worked perfectly.  I could hear well and my voice was loud and clear.

Here’s my profile page, complete with a recent photograph and my slogan.  Maybe I’ll get my Skype-out number back so I can call land lines.  More importantly, my kids are going to be all over me to put Skype on their iPod Touches to turn them into semiPhones.


One expected buzz kill is that the lack of background processing means you have to sign back in to the Skype app every time you leave Skype to do anything else- like email the screen caps above.

But it is still very cool to have a Skype created, Skype looking app on my iPhone.

So far, so awesome.