In Search of: iPhone Blogging App

I have officially given up on iBlogger. It just doesn’t play well with Blogger-published blogs. So I am trying BlogPress

Unlike Live Writer, which is wonderful to use, but very difficult to configure with remotely hosted Blogger blogs, BlogPress was easy to configure.  But the joy ends there. Part of the post disappears when you move back and forth from the "Write" screen. You can get it back, but it’s a huge pain.

And I see no way to add links (the links in this post were done separately via Live Writer).  Links are the big challenge for mobile blogging apps.  Theoretically, you can add photos.  But the one I tried to add below via the Picasa integration didn’t work.  Again, I had to fix it later.  I also had to fix some formatting issues.

Here’s some white board art Cassidy and Delaney did at my office last week. I wish Photobucket and Flickr were integrated photo storage options.

I also wish someone would make a decent blogging app for the iPhone.

Frustrating. . .