Evening Reading: 3/25/09

MK and T:  I like this post by Marshall Kirkpatrick about Twitter.  We’ll have to see what the secret special features are, but I don’t think I’d pay for my Twitter account.  And I’m not alone, as nothing leads Marshall’s how much would you pay poll with 57% of the votes.  Combined, nothing and less than $5/month have 81%.  Having said that, Marshall makes a compelling case for Twitter’s value.  Twitter has largely replaced my Delicious “popular” feed for purposes of scanning for new post material.  I only have one mild criticism of Marshall’s post.  I hate the phrase “thought leaders,” because implied in that phrase is a decision as to who the thought leaders are, and we all know that on Twitter, like the blogosphere, popular is often confused with smart.  Jason Calacanis is popular.  Seth Finkelstein is smart.  But, sadly, you know who has more influence in the blogosphere.  Here’s a good rule of thumb one of my professors drilled into my head: any time there is a group to be created, the most important question is who decides who is in it.

Bad Counting Department:  PC World has a list of the Top 5 NAS devices, that contains 10 devices.  Bad counting notwithstanding, it’s a good list for those looking to create a private cloud.  I’d move the HP MediaSmart server from number 2 to number 1.

One Down, One to Go:  Google Docs has added a much needed find and replace feature.  That’s great, but if Google wants any significant business traction, it simply must figure out a way to allow tracked changes.  This is an indisputable fact.

Good MemoriesWolfenstein 3D is out for the iPhone.  I remember countless hours playing that game back in the day.  I want Civilization for the iPhone.  Any chance?

Standing 8 Count Department:  The Drama 2.0 Show lands a hook to the jaw to Mike Arrington and TechCrunch.  I think Mike often defeats his own purpose by acting like a petulant baby, but I still read TechCrunch, simply because it covers stories that interest me.  If Mike’s unwillingness to mange his personal brand hurts TechCrunch’s bottom line, maybe he will realize that you can be lucky, successful and humble.  I’ve never understood why so many of these former-nerds who manage to achieve a high profile in the blogosphere (the blogosphere, for heavens sake) start acting like they think rock stars act.

Kill the People- Just Save the Puppies:  Extremist groups also defeat their own purpose by alienating the undecided- the very demographic they should be trying to appropriate.  When this PETA does one nutty thing after another, like protesting the fact that dogs get killed in a video war game, this PETA is the result.  Philosophically, I am sympathetic to animal rights, but idiotic moves like that make me want to eat a tasty cheeseburger.  Or a dog.  Here, Lucky Dog.  It’s time for dinner.

Worried About the Beaver:  Here are 6 Things You Didn’t Know About the Leave It to Beaver.

Personal Fouls:  If you have tens of thousands of followers and I am unable to engage you in relevant conversation, I will eventually un-follow you.  If you have a few hundred, I will immediately un-follow you.  My Pink Floyd policy required me to remove several people from my list today.