Evening Reading: 3/23/09

Revisiting Alltop:  I finally got around to setting up my custom Alltop page.  I don’t plan to use Alltop for general feed reading-  Google Reader is the best choice for that.  But I think Alltop will be useful for setting up certain content for easy reference.  For example, my first step was to add feeds to help me get better at Photoshop.  These aren’t feeds I want to read every day, but it will be helpful to aggregate them in one place.  Here are three MyAlltop features that should be implemented right away, each of which would vastly improve its usability: the ability to drag your subscriptions around on the page, for better organization; the ability to have multiple MyAlltop pages or tabs, also for better organization; and the ability to add feeds to your page that aren’t already included in Alltop.

Yes, I Was Right:  I was afraid that this was going to happen.  It’s really too bad the blogging establishment completely ignores me, because if you go back and look, I actually get a lot of stuff right.  Well, except for this.  I didn’t get that right.

Apple Love Department:  My DirecTV HR20 recorder died this week, taking a bunch of saved sporting events, all of my and Cassidy’s “monkey movies” (we had all the original movies and the TV series) and several episodes of the Sarah Connor Chronicles, Dollhouse and Supernatural with it.  Via the most wonderful AppleTV, I was able to buy and watch all of the lost network episodes- in HD.  It was fast, easy and the picture and sound were perfect.  If the shows were just a little cheaper, I could envision dumping large chunks of my satellite subscriptions for AppleTV.  That’s pretty amazing.

HBO Irritation Department:  Many people have told me that I would love True Blood.  So I am trying to catch up by recording the reruns, but I missed the first several episodes.  So why in the world has HBO elected not to make episodes available in iTunes?  I simply don’t understand that decision.  Unless they do a marathon, I guess I am hosed.

All Woz all the Time:  I hadn’t thought much about Woz since I read an Apple history book a decade or so ago.  And, other than his clips, I’ve never watched a second of Dancing with the Stars.  But Woz is highly entertaining.  He needs his own TV show.  Seriously.  First, he dances through a fractured foot and a bad knee.  Now he’s pulled a hammy.  He may tighten up, but like Archie Bell and the Drells, he just can’t stop dancing.  At a minimum, I want to see Woz on the next Amazing Race.

iPhone Love Fest:  Looks like we may be getting new iPhones this summer.  I hope they don’t waste effort and space by trying to herd us all into the U-Verse.  It would be a mistake for Apple to let ATT use my pretty as a vehicle to increase U-Verse subscriptions.

Have You Been Served:  I use and highly recommend the HP SmartMedia ServerPower Pack 2 for Windows Home Server, the OS, is now available.

Fear Department:  I just noticed that Signs is on TNT right now.  I think that is one seriously scary movie.  Highly recommended.

No Stupid Names:  Let’s all agree to keep calling it the Sci-Fi Channel, OK?  It looks like the Sci-Fi Channel has some interesting things in store after the sad but beautiful demise of BSG, simply the best science fiction series ever (relegating my beloved Firefly to number 2).  I am particularly interested in the Riverworld series.

Speaking of Endings:  Here’s a post on the movies that influenced BSG.  And the evolution of the ending is a must read.  As is the original ending of Bladerunner.  This is good stuff

Agriculture Department: I need to plant some tomatoes.  I’ve been putting off the resurrection of my garden, post hurricane.  Here’s a great tutorial on growing tomatoes.

Dropbox on a Stick:  I’m on record as a Dropbox fan and user.  Now you can install it on a thumb drive.  Maybe.  That’s great, now go do an iPhone app.

One More Time:  Speaking of Dropbox, if you’re interested in free, easy to use online storage, give Dropbox a try.  If you sign up via that link, both you and I get a little extra free storage for the referral.