Evening Reading: 3/17/09

iPhone Love Fest:  So the iPhone OS 3.0 preview happened, and in general it looks pretty good.  I still don’t know whether the tethering feature will be in this release or not.  There was a question about it, but the summary of the answer I saw was vague.  I don’t give a hoot about background processing, but I really want the tethering feature.

Devolution Department:  Speaking of that preview, here’s how to live blog.  And here’s how not to.  I do not like that little box with all the comments and whatnot.  Everything is not broken.  Newfangled does not always equate to better.

Deal Stopper Department: I have been experimenting with Ustream and thinking about doing a weekly video feature.  But what in the wild, wild west is the deal with those pop-up ads Ustream puts in the video stream?  That is an absolute deal stopper for me.  Are all Ustream videos like that?  That is horrible.  I can’t believe anyone would use Ustream if that’s how all videos are presented.  What am I missing here?

The Blogosphere Needs More Seth:  Seth Finkelstein on the Wikipedia oligarchy.  While I find Seth to be one of the most logical thinkers on the internet and generally agree with much of what he writes, I have to admit that I dig Wikipedia and use it all the time.  Granted, I wouldn’t write my dissertation based on research done there, but I think it has a tremendous ease of use advantage over most of the other alternatives.  And I don’t see the problem with taking money out of the pockets of the big companies that once had a virtual monopoly on the writing and selling of encyclopedias and spreading it around a little.  It’s sort of a Mozart/Ramones thing for me: I’m sure Mozart was a more talented composer, but I’d rather listen to the Ramones.  Seth’s undoubtedly accurate description of Wikipedia also describes every one of the so-called social networks: “cults where idealistic unpaid acolytes work themselves to burn-out, while a few people at the top benefit enormously.”  Maybe that’s why I haven’t seen Seth on Twitter.

Underwhelming:  I want to hear from someone who thinks the newly released Dell Adamo is worth $1,999 for the entry level model, with its 1.2GHz Intel Core 2 Duo Processor, 2GB memory and a 128GB solid state drive or $2,699 for the upgraded model.  Underwhelming is right.  I don’t think I’d pay half that price for either of those models.  PC World has a closer look.

Mass Stupidity Department:  The Sci-Fi channel, one of my favorites, is changing its name to SyFy.  Have the idiotic Web 2.0 naming conventions evolved into mass hysteria.  Did I say that was a stupid name change?  A dumb name change allegedly done for a dumb reason.

Interesting iPhone appJotNot turns your iPhone into a document scanner.

Interesting blog department:  Seth points me to this as a possible Web 2.0 Jon Stewart.  Funny and interesting.

Rhetorical question of the day:  If some unknown person was behind Alltop, would it get a tiny fraction of the coverage it gets?  Non-rhetorical answer: of course not.  Whatever it was that made Guy Kawasaki such an internet celebrity (it had something to do with Apple, beyond that I have no idea), I think getting Alltop the coverage it gets in the blogosphere is a much bigger accomplishment.  Imagine what Guy could do with something really cool.

One more time:  If you’re interested in free, easy to use online storage, give Dropbox a try.  If you sign up via the above links, both you and I get a little extra free storage for the referral.