Choosing Dropbox

After looking at a number of online storage providers, I have settled on Dropbox as my primary online storage service, for a few reasons:

1. You get 2GB of space for free, and the cost for additional space is reasonable.

2. Sharing files is easiest with Dropbox, particularly if you want to share files via a direct link.

3. The service seems reliable.  I have not seen any downtime or other network problems.

My wife actually signed up for a Dropbox account today, so she could easily provide a large graphic file to a printer.  What was impossible via email took just minutes with Dropbox.

If you’re interested in free, easy to use online storage, give Dropbox a try.

Extra Storage Bonus and Disclaimer: if you sign up via the above links, both you and I get a little extra free storage for the referral.

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