Evening Reading: 3/12/09

First a couple of updates, and then today’s rants.

photobucket_logoUpdate 1: I played around a little more with Photobucket, and have concluded that, jacked up interface and all, Photobucket combined with this Firefox add-on is very useful.  You can right click on any image, upload it to Photobucket and then immediately share or embed the image.  It’s quick and easy.  I found one of the vintage Outpost of the Week awards I used to give out back in the mid-nineties.  It took about 4 seconds to upload it and get the link to add it here.  I have to admit- that is sweet.

Update 2: Dave Wallace continued his quest to free Rancho Radio from the unnecessary walls of Live365 and seems to have deciphered a permanent stream URL.  It seems to work, at least in iTunes.  The artist-song information doesn’t show up for me when I load the stream directly, but that’s not the end of the world.

Here is a great parenting article from Grass Stain Guru, a new blog by Bethe Almeras.  Highly recommended.

Here is a very serious article about the 10 Biggest Intellectual Fights of All Time.  The web is a stern and serious place.  In some alternate reality a huge internet war rages over Marsha vs. Jan, and whether Mannix was a better PI than Barnaby Jones.

On a much more interesting note, a scientist explains Star Trek warp speed.  Excellent!

Here’s a list of classic DOS games that can be played online.  I would LOVE to be able to play The Perfect General II, Starflight and Master of Orion again.

If I can’t do that, it’s almost as fun converting PDF documents to Word.  For free.

Here are the 32 most commonly misused words and phrases.  I’d put your/you’re at the top of the list.

In the too little, too late department: Second Life clamps down on sex and violence.  Isn’t it weird how often the words sex and violence are used together?

If everyone who is there for the sole or substantial purpose of making a buck was kicked off of Twitter, would Twitter be a better place.  I think so.  Absolutely.