Evening Reading: 3/11/09

There are several burrs under my saddle today.

Here’s why people don’t walk around naked anymore.

car over the lakeToday is Worship of Tools Day for everyone.  Every day is worship of tools day for lots of Twitter users.

If you drive your car into the water, here’s a tutorial on trying not to drown.  They had me at “you’ll need self-composure.”  I’m pretty sure if my car was sitting in the ocean, I would not have a lot of that.  On the other hand, I like this topically relevant record by the Ozark Mountain Daredevils.

There’s a new version of iTunes available.  I just want folders.  F-O-L-D-E-R-S.

Who needs cowbell? What we need is more mobile app stores.  I won’t be sated until there is one mobile app store for every person on earth.

In another before and after moment, some PR firm launched a “Twitter trend analyzer.”  Here’s a trend for you- the single biggest buzz kill on Twitter is watching all the PR people trying and failing to post without sounding like the host of a Tupperware party.

Photobucket has new sharing features.  I need to try Photobucket again.  I tried it a year or so ago and found the interface to be lacking.  I’m going to take another look.

I’m not all that excited about Google targeting ads at me.  I’ll pay the ad tax by having them occasionally litter my browser space, but I’ve never intentionally clicked on a third party ad and Adblock Plus and I intend to keep it that way.

In the greatest sales job since Tom Sawyer’s fence got painted, Google now lets you target ads at yourself.  Please, please, please tell me there aren’t a bunch of nerds over there mapping their own advertising genome.  Some of the stuff that happens on the internet defies description.

This breaking news just in:  it’s March 11, 2009 and Steve Gillmor has still never responded to a single one of my @replies.  I need Garrett Morris to translate.  Actually, I just wish if these cats weren’t interested in conversing with anyone other than each other, they’d take it offline.  Sure, it’s sour grapes on my part, because I’m interested in some of the stuff they talk about and would like to join in.  It’s like the blogosphere all over again.

Harry McCracken is cracken’ on Office Depot with a semi-secret cashier script and a link to a more troubling allegation.  Office Depot should be so happy about the demise of Circuit City that they give away those service plans for a while.  Post CompUSA and Circuit City, the lines at Micro Center have been epic. Someone should do a dead pool for computer stores.  Computer City, Incredible Universe, CompUSA, Circuit City.  Who else?

The other day, I took a look at online storage services.  I tried ADrive, and liked it, but today came the deal stopper.  An ADrive email informed me that public links to files stored on free accounts expire after 14 days.  I don’t fault them for this policy, but it means I’m not going to stick around to see if ADrive wins the feature race.  That’s too bad, because ADrive has some favorable features, not the least of which is 50GB of free storage.  Dropbox is rapidly becoming my service of choice.

I am probably repeating myself, but if you like music and/or art, you simply have to subscribe to LP Cover Lover.  Highly recommended.

To which I say:  Sure, as long as me and my buddies can play pickup hoops in Madison Square Gardens.