10 Things That Would Make the Internet a Better Place


Here are 10 things that would make the internet a better place:

1. If those so desperate to rank Twitter users would weight heavily the number of @Replies responded to and the number of people followed, and not the number of followers or Retweets.  After all, isn’t it supposed to be about conversation?

2. If ReadWriteWeb would enact a policy strictly prohibiting the use of jargon that cannot be explained in a single Twitter posting.  If you can’t describe it effectively in 140 characters, don’t talk about it.  By my count, RRW has mentioned the Semantic Web 262 times and they still haven’t adequately explained what the heck it is.  Other than this, RRW rocks.

3. If Robert Scoble would decide that his next project would be to create and publish content around his blog, and not spread his content all over the seven seas.  Unlike many of the self-appointed blogostars, it’s impossible to meet Robert and not like him.  He seems like a genuinely good guy, and he is a great source of tech-related information.  I’d like to see him be the brand instead of promoting the brand.

4. If all the hypesters would realize that Twitter is a great ancillary tool for the creation and management of online content and not the be all, end all of the internet.  All these people trying to make Twitter the everything machine are merely further fragmenting the already scattered state of online content.  There doesn’t need to be an everything machine, but if there has to be one, it’s Google.  Not Twitter.

5. If Apple would scrap iTunes and create a command central that is as elegant as the hardware it controls.  With folders.  iTunes is fine for buying stuff, but it is the worst I have ever seen at managing a large media library.

6. If Facebook would die.  All of the time and effort spent trying to stuff content into Facebook’s bizarre organizational structure and then export it outside the walls could be much more effectively applied elsewhere.  Sorry. I tried, but it’s just too restrictive.  And there’s no depth of content there.

7. If Google would atone for a missed opportunity and buy Flickr from Yahoo.  That would add the last missing piece to Google’s arsenal.

8. If someone would create a platform for online radio that does what Live365 does right and fixes what Live365 does wrong.  It is sheer insanity that Live365 broadcasters cannot publish a stream URL that will play in any media player.  It’s also ridiculous that your choices are to have a ton of ads in your stream or pay a fortune to become a pro station.  I don’t know how much money Live365 makes off the ads on Rancho Radio, but I’m pretty sure I would pay that amount and more to lose the ads and to free my stream so people could actually use it.

9. If the next iPhone had a flash for the camera, the ability to record video, landscape functionality for all applications (most importantly email), cheap tethering and the ability to mass delete email.  That would make a near perfect device perfect.

10. If I had several thousand additional RSS subscribers who commented regularly on my blog posts, lived for my Twitter updates and listened to my Blip.fm songs every day.  Now that would make the internet a much better place!

Do you think any of that is possible?