Evening Reading: 3/2/09

I rarely use the music features on my iPhone, but I would be mildly interested in a Sirius/XM player, if it is (as the rumor says it will be) developed by Sirius/XM itself and doesn’t have a bunch of neat in theory but useless in real life extra features.  What I’d really like is a Blip.fm app that would let me add to my Blip.fm page and listen to Blip.fm music.  I’m guessing that’s not going to happen, but to paraphrase the great philosopher David Wooderson, it’d be a lot cooler if it did.

My Facebook experiment continues, sort of.  While Facebook is the best if not only place to efficiently reconnect with old, non-geek friends, the depth of content on Facebook is pretty minimal. For most of my internet-acquired (lower and upper case) friends, there’s just the same regurgitated content I see in my feed reader and via Friendfeed (which is exactly what they see on my Facebook page).  On a positive note, I’ve been rejected as a (upper case) Friend by a lot of the blogging elite, and that’s almost as fun as observing their private conversations on Twitter.

I’m no economist, but I’m not seeing the payoff to these rolling bailouts.  Mark my words, the states will be next.  What is the realistic end-game here?

I am getting a lot bored and a little annoyed with all the smoke people are blowing up our butts about so-called social media.  These people must think a Tupperware party is the highlight of the real life social season.

Speaking of the hype, how can anyone really argue that Twitter can replace RSS feeds?  That’s like tossing out your Tivo in favor of rabbit ears.  Can’t we just agree that Twitter is sort of cool and leave it at that?

I can’t believe I’m about to type this, but I’m starting to think I may opt out of the expensive Microsoft Office never-ending update cycle in favor of Google Docs.  If you have to put these applications on a family’s worth of computers, and there is a free app that can serve as a reasonably acceptable alternative, why not choose free?  The oft-rumored GDrive could become the straw that breaks Microsoft’s back.

This quote is funny: “It’s a phenomenon the geeks are already calling “Dancing with the Woz” and is potentially the greatest terpsichorean trainwreck in television history.”  I have never watched a second of Dancing with the Stars, but I may actually tune in for this.  Maybe.

I’ve tried several networked web cams over the years, and none of them worked worth a crap.  This looks promising enough to make me try again.

I’m also going to buy these for my girls’ iPod Touches.  These little microphones and (one day) a Skype iPhone app would turn an iPod Touch into a pretty decent phone.

Does anybody other than tech writers trying to fend off writer’s block really care- I mean really care to the point that it would change your mood one iota- whether or not the White House uses YouTube?  On the other hand, all three Flock users are highly concerned about this.

Today’s Thought: Ping was a duck.  In a book.  I read as a child.

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