Evening Reading: 2/23/09

Here’s a list of the Oscar nominated movies on Netflix.  I wish Mickey Rourke had won, just for the acceptance speech.  Mostly, I’m glad the Oscars are over so I won’t have to keep reading about them.  Unfortunately, SXSW is about to take its place in the media overload department.

You know the economy is irrevocably messed up when it costs more to use a bank’s ATM than to buy a share of its stock.  My hands are bloody from trying to catch that falling knife.

Two-fer squirrel humor:  sort of funny & utterly hilarious.

I love my iPhone.  I love my AppleTV.  I like my Mac Mini.  I hate iTunes, mostly because it pisses me off that I can’t create folders.  I’m glad to see I’m not the only one.  The Apple command center should be as elegant as the hardware it controls.  It is not, by a long shot.

News Flash: Bebo now emphasizes lifestreaming.  Wow, I wonder why nobody else thought of that.  More on this earth shattering development.  I love me some Bebo.

I am very, very interested in ZumoDrive.  Anyone got a beta invite to spare?  If it does what it says it does for something close to the quoted price, I’ll sign up for at least 50G on day one.  Come on Dudes, hook me up!

Whoa, Last.fm puts a Mike Arrington-like beat down on TechCrunch for claiming Last.fm gave listener data to the RIAA.  I don’t care if they did or they didn’t, but I like a good blogospat.  Mathew Ingram defends TechCrunch with the everybody does it argument.  I’m not sure I buy that, but, again, I could care less if they did it or not.  Like NASCAR and hockey, I’m just here for the violence.

OK, much of the Alltop content aggregation pages are underwhelming to me (I’ve been doing a mini-version of that for so long I forgot about it), but this is cool.  Hey Guy, how about a Monty Python version!

Monday Night Mellowness: Gillian Welch and OCMS do the Band.  Stunning.

In the sheer joy to utter disappointment category:  Today I thought I had discovered that you can play the Apple II game Odyssey on the frickin’ internet.  This would have been a before and after moment.  I’ve posted about that game several times.  I used to LOVE that game.  Then it wouldn’t load.  Tears.

I got (upper case) Friended today by Chris Mills, one of my all-time favorite songwriters and musicians (sample of why).  That’s cool.  Go buy all his stuff here.

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