Evening Reading: 2/20/09

I am putting some good music up on my Blip.fm page.  Here’s a sample:

I really needed this in college.  Although had I had that, that would mean I would’ve had the internet and had I had the internet, I would never have graduated from college.  Got it?

This dude fought the (digital transmission) law and won, sort of.  I feel like shooting my TV every time I watch a Wake Forest game.  Maybe if I drank more, I could learn to express my feelings.

I keep posting on Twitter, and I still like it, but I’m not finding it all that “social.”  I’d estimate the response rate on my @ replies is somewhere south of 10 percent.  Maybe I’m just boring.  Nah, that can’t be it.

The other thing Skype 4 does is not work worth a crap.  Tin cans and string would have been more effective than Skype 4 on our (attempted) podcast the other night.  My microphone stopped working about every 10 seconds.

This lady didn’t know the first rule of farting:  make sure it’s a fart.

Is this litigate like a pirate day?

All these eggheads can continue to navel gaze into the future of newspapers, but the reality is that old media didn’t have the first clue about the internet, so they tossed all their content out there for free in some virtual land grab and only began to realize they couldn’t pay the taxes on that land when the black gold ad revenue dried up.  It’s a pretty simple equation: either you have something to sell that people want to buy, or you don’t.  If you do, then you can make money by selling it.  If you don’t, all the hand-wringing in the blogosphere will not create a business plan based on giving away all your goods.  The internet is the paper.  It is the words that go on that paper that determine value.  As usual, Nick Carr is the most right.

One of the cool things about my recent Facebook experiment is seeing the old photos some of my (both upper and lower case) friends have posted.  I found a photo of my first grade class.  So I created a Hall of Ancients photo album and uploaded some old pictures, including this one of me and some friends from 1978.

Kevin Morris, Karen Winburn, me, Alan Smith, Michael Graham

Both Kevin and Alan (we called him “Side”) are mentioned in my song The Kansas Reflector Incident.