Jukebox Gems: The Reivers

When I first moved to Houston back in the mid-eighties, I used to frequent all sorts of music halls.  Fitzgeralds, The Ale House, Rockefellers, etc.  One of my favorite bands back then was Austin’s The Reivers (originally called Zeitgeist).  John Croslin and Kim Longacre made some fine records, and were great live.  Their vocal arrangements, both on their records and on stage, was among the best I have ever heard.

reivers Take Electra, for example.  I love the way Kim wails in the background while John sings the lead (this is not the best version of Electra, but it’s the only one I have).  The trade-offs in Cowboys are just as good.  Another favorite of mine is their cover of Atlantic City.

Great stuff.  My favorite Reivers record, Saturday, is hard to find on CD- if you see it, grab it because it is a good one.

Here’s a post at 30 Days Out with more information about The Reivers.  I was pleasantly surprised to see that they have a MySpace page, where you can hear Secretariat, my favorite Reivers song, and learn about Right or Happy, their new project.

Tonight, I added the only two Reivers records I have in digital format, Translate Slowly and Pop Beloved, to the Rancho Radio (our internet radio station) playlist.  Two great additions to the best playlist on the net.


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