Hear a Great Song, Save an Animal

Ever since I heard Neko Case sing Loretta Lynn‘s phenomenal song, Rated X, she has been one of my favorite musicians.  Well, as it turns out, Neko has a new record, Middle Cyclone, coming out on March 3.  An album I might add that has one of the greatest covers since Linda Ronstadt’s Hasten Down the Wind.

To celebrate the new record, Neko’s record label, Anti Records, has posted an MP3 of one of the tracks, the excellent People Got a Lotta Nerve.

Even better, Neko and Anti will donate $5.00 to Best Friends Animal Society, an organization that rescues animals, for each blogger who reposts the song.  Give it a listen.  Post it on your blog.  And, if you like good music, buy the record when it comes out.

Neko Case rocks, in more ways than one.