Evening Reading: 1/5/09

So it’s out with 2008, in with 2009 and back to the big, scary rat race.


Noupe has an excellent list of free Photoshop tutorials.  Personally, I think you need a masters degree in Photoshop to use it to its fullest.  So I tend to look for plug-ins that will do the work for me.  I know that I could make some amazing stuff if I really knew Photoshop.  The problem is that I already have a job.

Mike Fruchter has an excellent list of steps to get started in social media.  While I continue to believe the return on social investment for blogging is very low compared to the effort it takes, Mike’s suggestions are uniformly good.  I would add that, unless you have the time and staying power to keep at it until you will your way up blogger’s hill, your blog should be focused on getting ideas out of you, as opposed to into others.  I think the slow progress towards readership and interactivity is why so many bloggers give up or move to Twitter, where the work is lighter and the audience (or at least the people who theoretically see your posts) is larger.

Gear Diary, in reviewing the Griffin Road Trip, mentions the biggest pain in the ass about iPhone accessories- the fact that any case makes the device too big to fit on the adapter.  This drives me crazy.  And no, I don’t want to try the slider case, because they are also a pain in the ass and I don’t believe that the little strip of rubber inside the case will protect the phone any better than, say, nothing.  The Marware Sport Grip is, so far, the only case I like.  Speaking of the Griffin Road Trip, not only will my encased iPhone not fit the adapter, but the neck on that thing is about half (really, less than half) as long as it should be.  I have to lay down on my seat to get my iPhone.  Otherwise, though, it’s a neat device.

As noted before, we use and love Beejive IM (iTunes link).  The forthcoming update looks awesome.  If you text at all, you should use Beejive.  It’s a bargain, even at $16.

It’s a little before my time, but if you like music from the late 50’s, here’s a jukebox for ya.  Now someone go do one for the mid-seventies.

I haven’t tried it yet, but the greatest board game of all time is now, sort of, on the iPhone.

Consumerist on DirecTV installation problems.  We’ve had one box (out of four) that has been searching for almost a year for a signal for Satellite 2.  This means no live TV on several channels, including the networks.  Oddly enough, you can often successfully record shows on those channels- you just can’t watch them live.  Our recent experience with DirecTV support has been, to say the least, unsatisfactory.

Why do I keep going to the Apple web store and looking at Mac Pros?  I love my iPhone and AppleTV.  Surely I’m not about to go all in.  Am I?

Eye-Fi, which I and my kids use regularly with our digital cameras, is coming to the iPhone.  If you have a friend or parent who is not interested in learning the technology, but wants to use a digital camera, Eye-Fi may be just the ticket.

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