Evening Reading: 12/18/08

RIM calls the Storm Verizon’s best selling device.  I wonder if they called Verizon later to apologize.  RIM seems to be putting a lot of eggs in the Storm basket.

In related news,  PC World has a list of 7 free “must-have” Storm apps.  The eighth would presumably be the receipt, so you can return it.

Dave Taylor on getting noticed online.  I need some advice on that.  Since I’ve been blogging again, I feel like this blog has the traction of a marble on ice.

There’s a new post at the Adios Lounge.  This one on Clarence White of the Byrds.  If you have any interest in classic country rock music, the Adios Lounge should be at the very top of your reading list.  Want another reason why?  How about a story and full mp3 set from a Doug Sahm, Jerry Garcia and Leon Russell show from 1972?  These posts are like encyclopedia entries, only a hundred times more interesting.  Here’s the RSS feed.

Some folks are squawking about Mobile Spy for the iPhone.  All this means is that my kids may actually get iPhones one day.  It’s easy (and critically important) to “protect” your kids (yes, even from themselves) on their computers.  We need similar tools for mobile phones.

Speaking of iPhones, I’d pay $50 for a good version of Odyssey: The Compleat Apventure on the iPhone.  Shoot, I’d pay $100 for Starflight.

12Seconds looks like a very interesting app (iTunes link).  The iPhone needs a native video camera function, but this looks like a good interim solution.  The iPhone also needs a flash.

I think it’s pretty clear that the iPhone is, in fact, the next big mobile gaming platform.  I think it is not quite an acceptable netbook substitute.  If I were Steve Jobs, I’d direct Apple to develop a device you insert your iPhone into that would give you a regular keyboard, a bigger screen and extra battery life.  Apple would own the netbook space from the first minute.

Granny J on some fancy gingerbread houses.  I love to watch my kids make their houses every Christmas.

I have always been interested in game theory.  Mind Your Decisions shows us why Toyota wants GM to be saved.

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