I Just Heard It!

I just saw a reference on Twitter to Just Hear It, an on demand music discovery service.  According to the “About” page, Just Hear It was created by two college students and pays for licenses from the PROs.  The web page says it’s in private beta, but it worked for me and I have not been invited.

Based on some limited tests, this thing looks like it has legs.  I did my typical music search spectrum:

Easy: The Byrds (lots of songs)
Medium: Dillard and Clark (4 songs, plus more from the Dillards)
Hard: The Allisons ( 3 songs)

It even has some, but not all, of my songs indexed.

Some songs display album covers.

I don’t know much about this service, but assuming it’s legitimate (and the web page indicates that it is), it could revolutionize the way we search for music on the web.

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