Evening Reading: 12/2/08

Mashable has 100 ways to organize your life.  After reading the list, I set up a Zefty account to manage my kids’ allowances.  I also recently capitulated to the inevitability of Evernote.  I think the web interface is crappy, but the iPhone app and integration is excellent.

Mashable also has a comparison of Pandora and Last.fm.  Pandora is hands down the better service.  Mashable seems to agree.  Want to hear some good music?  Here’s my Pandora station.

Apple released a list of the most popular iPhone apps.  Here’s the list via iTunes.

Everybody wants to stream movies.  The problem is that is doesn’t always work.  Hacking Netflix reports on problems with the Roku Player.  Louis Gray’s report on Amazon via Tivo is the scariest thing I’ve been exposed to since The Strangers.

We don’t have standard def streaming working yet, but here comes HD streaming.

Speaking of The Strangers, some numbskull at work tried to tell me that Funny Games was scarier and better than The Strangers.  Wrong.  The Strangers is a darn good, and very scary, movie (here’s the Netflix link).  Be sure to get the unrated version.

Block Posters makes cool wall posters from photos.

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