So Long Pownce, We Hardly Knew Ye

pownceI just read that Pownce, the (more feature rich) iPhone of micro-blogging, is shutting down, thereby ceding the micro-blogging space to Twitter, the (more popular) Blackberry of the space.

I think this was inevitable, as there probably isn’t enough juice in the micro-blogging arena to support two separate platforms. But it’s still a shame. Pownce is/was the more elegant of the two, and facilitated media sharing in a very fun and effective way. I discovered some good music via Pownce, and I shared some good music (and purchase links) with my Pownce “friends.” For me, the media sharing element made the Pownce experience seem more conversational. I always felt like there were useful things to be found via my Pownce page. Twitter just feels like a shared grafitti board- there’s something to be said for that, but it lacks depth.

I’ve never been much of a IM user or micro-blogger, but of all the applications I tried, I found Pownce to be the most compelling.

The Pownce team is moving to blog software company SixApart. Here’s founder Leah Culver’s announcement. I hope they will eventually relaunch Pownce or something like it.

So long, Pownce.