Evening Reading: 1/29/08

Randy Morin with a lesson on how not to treat your customers.  Reminds me of the time I got completely blown out by this hag at the airport because I tried to pay for a water bottle at the wrong cash register.

MG Seigler brings truth to the Continental free not-Wi-Fi story.  Yahoo Mail, Yahoo Messenger and the Blackberry network?  Obviously, Yahoo is paying Continental some money to force people to its network, at the expense of everything we really need.  This is bad news getting spun as good news.

Stereogum points to some new Sun Kil Moon.  Here’s where you can listen to it.  Glen Tipton was my favorite song of 2007.  On the retro hand, Stereogum also has some vintage Hall and Oats, complete with bad hair and intermittent lip synching.

After all the (very tasty) deer I ate this past week, it was troubling to learn that vegetarians are healthier, smarter and richer.  Maybe, but that deer was a vegetarian and he got eaten.  That’s not so smart now, is it?

So 80 people go to Chuck E Cheese, get in a brawl and end up getting pepper sprayed.  The next day it almost happens again.

I really enjoy Survivor and the Amazing Race.  But a show about Michael Vick’s dogs is absurd.  I wonder if they go visit him now that he’s in the pound?  I hope I don’t accidentally record every episode and watch it.

Here are some cool photos of a diamond rush ghost town in Namibia.  Here’s more about the town’s history.

Thomas Hawk on Barack Obama, Dave Winer and pot.  We have a good friend who is very interested in politics.  She’s always putting signs for all the wrong people in her yard.  I told my kids they don’t have to study up on elections- that all they have to do is drive by Sharon’s house, write down every name on the signs there, and vote for the other person.  I’m pretty sure that I would take the same approach with signs in Dave’s yard.  Or on his blog.

Here’s reason number 112 why I say no when my kids ask if they can play with their turtle.  Reason number 1 is because if he bites you, he won’t let go until it thunders.

Good advice for living a happy life.

It was bad enough when he didn’t see the first one coming.  Then there was the second one.

PDFTextOnline converts PDF files to text, for free.  Oh yeah, and online.  Text…PDF.  It didn’t work all that well for me based on a couple of test documents, but it’s a cool idea.

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