Evening Reading: 1/23/08

So there’s this cat.  With no eyes.  Yet it hunts birds and squirrels.  That’s pretty frickin’ awesome.

Rob Gale has a nifty Rambo Death Chart.  When Rambo finally goes in another year or so, they’ll have to add old age to it.

Richard Querin discovered that you can embed Google Docs Presentations.  That’s pretty cool.  Here’s one I did in about 2 minutes:

I have to admit, the more I really look at Google Docs, the more impressed I am.  I have set my kids up with Google Docs in lieu of Word.  They’re happy and it saves me money.

Sad news of the day: we’ve got global warming extincting polar bears in the north and the U.S. government extincting jaguars in the southwest.  You can always make another dollar, but you can’t make another polar bear or jaguar once we kill them all.

RIM upgrades the Blackberry, which is fine and dandy, but until it opens up the system to third party developers, it’s always going to be playing catch-up.  If (and based on the fact it doesn’t already, this may be a big if) the iPhone is ever able to pull Microsoft Exchange email, Blackberries days will be numbered.

I was wrong about Last.fm.  Rather than join the video herd, it’s joining the audio streaming herd.  Here are more details.  As usual, Techdirt brings truth to the equation.  I went to Last.fm, looked unsuccessfully for the new features for a minute or so and split.  All this streaming may (or may not) be wonderful, but if no one can find it, it doesn’t matter.  It looks like Yahoo (and eventually every other site on the net) is going to get on the bandwagon.

Penelope Trunk has an interesting read on happiness.  I agree with most of what she says, particularly the part about people too often blaming their jobs when the true happiness inhibitor lies elsewhere.  I’m a little underwhelmed by her good job or bad job test.  I scored 5, which is pretty good.  Somehow, though, I’m not sure 4 questions is enough to tell how good or bad your job is.

Prob Logger (sorry, that’s just how I read it) has 9 benefits of Twitter for bloggers.  Here they are, with a little editorial:

1. Research tool.  Maybe but searching your Google Reader feeds is a lot better and easier one.
2. Reinforce your personal brand.  Definitely, as long as you use Twitter to supplement your blog and not to replace it.
3. Promote content.  As I’ve mentioned before, this is spam.  I’ve done it once or twice, but I generally un-follow people who do this too much.
4. Find new readers.  Probably, but this is dangerously tied to number 3.
5. Networking.  Nah, I don’t buy this.  I think the social networks are neither.  They are just amplified cocktail chatter, where everyone is yapping and no one is listening.
6. Previews.  I wouldn’t know.  I doubt I have a single reader who’s interested in a trailer for my future blog post.
7. Speedlinking.  I don’t know what speedlinking is, so I’ll pass on this one, other than to say I suspect sharing via Google Reader is easier and more efficient.
8. Story gathering.  Maybe, but again feeds are much better for this.
9. Find out what people really think.  Here’s what I think- I bet the percentage of Twitter posts that actually get responses is miniscule.

Stereogum has Patterson Hood on the Drive-By Truckers’ demanding, and excellent, new record.

Cracked just gets better and better.

Netflix beats its fourth-quarter estimates.

PC World has a pretty detailed look at the forthcoming Windows Vista SP1.

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