Evening Reading: 1/22/08

Blunt drops out of the Missouri governor’s race.  Cheech and Chong reportedly bummed.

CBS and Last.fm about to announce…something.  Undoubtedly something video related.  Yawn…

For those who, like me, wonder why in the world Bank of America is buying Countrywide, CNN has the answer.  Sort of.  All I know is that I bought BOA one morning at $40 and change, thinking it wouldn’t go below $40.  It did that very afternoon.

When I was a kid, I loved the Brady Bunch.  I’ve seen every episode, and I even read Barry Williams’ Growing Up Brady book.  So I was excited to read that Barry has joined the blogosphere.  Mashable has more.

In addition to a few other services, most notably Haloscan’s trackback service, that increased my pages’ load time, I have also dumped Technorati and started tracking inbound links and comments via Google Reader.  Louis Gray tells us how to track inbound links with Del.icio.us.

The Telegraph has a list of 100 books every child should read.  It’s a good list, but where in the world is Goodnight Moon!?  Or the Nutbrown Hare?

Any time I see a list of the worst anythings, I just know number one or two will be something absurd, just for the sake of a reaction.  Calling Vista the second biggest all-time tech flop is ludicrous beyond words.  Is it perfect, no.  Does it need work, of course.  But it is on way too many computers and soon to be on way too many more computers to be placed up there with DRM and push technology.  Speaking of push technology, I had a PointCast receiver (or whatever you called it).  It was, by far, the best screen saver I’ve ever seen.

For every job found due to web cams, ten will be denied or lost.  I hope this fad goes the way of the pet rock before my kids hit their teenage years.  And, yes, I’m really glad it didn’t exist during mine.

Stereogum has a new Springsteen video.  Good song.

Why in the world would Google buy the New York Times?  All it would be getting is the brand name.  Newspapers are dead, but there’s no way the folks who own the New York Times would admit that in public.  If I were Google, I’d wait a few years and watch the price go down as old media continues to struggle with online distribution.

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