Evening Reading: 12/15/07

Dave Winer on Twitter outages: “it’s not good enough when the service takes a 12-hour break while many of the humans that depend on it are awake and working.”  Note to Dave:  Twitter not “a basic form of communication” for anyone who has any semblance of a normal life.  Surely, we can manage to get along for 12 hours without knowing what someone across the country had for lunch.  And if we have to know, can’t we just call them (you know, on a telephone) and ask them?  Secondly, I think Dave’s definition of “working” is different than mine, if the absence of Twitter adversely affects his ability to work.  Why can’t we use tech to improve our lives without trying to turn it into something bigger than it is?  I know the answer to that, actually.

While I am at it, can we please stop with the posts proclaiming that something is dead just to get more traffic.  It would be a tragedy to let Google destroy Wikipedia, all in the name of collecting more of our data and tossing more ads in our face.  Everyone without skin in the game should rally together to make sure that doesn’t happen.  TDavid has some thoughts on it.

Mashable reports that EMI will cut funding to the RIAA.  That’s a good start.

Steve Spaulding has his list of the best videos of 2007.  Here’s mine.  I’ve heard a lot of music, and this is the best cover I have heard.  Ever.  You have to watch the whole thing to get to the smoking guitar work.  Someone’s going to point out that is was shot in 2006, but it was uploaded in 2007.


I was off the grid, but for those who missed it, Edgeio has ironically jumped into the deal pool.  There is zero money in embedding classified ads in social networks, for crying out loud.  eBay is more reliable, more efficient and simply easier.  If Yahoo and Amazon can’t put a dent in eBay, isn’t it folly to think a few bloggers will?  Even the anti-establishment types (among others) have Craigslist.

My kids and I watched and enjoyed every episode of Kid Nation.  TVSquad has the scoop on the season finale.

Frank Paynter found a hilarious and accurate video about Bubble 2.0 and blogging.

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