Evening Reading: 11/20/07

I got the evaluation summaries today from a recent speech at a conference here in Houston.  My favorite evaluation of all time: “Scary, country boy lawyer.  But I will read every word he writes.”  I don’t know if that’s a slam, a compliment or both, but I wish I could change the name plate on my office door from “Kent Newsome” to “Scary Country Boy Lawyer.”  Maybe I’ll legally change my name.

I just came across a recent concert film of REM on DirecTV’s channel T101.  They still rock.  Check it out.  It’s free.

Pandora added classical music to its library.  That’s too bad.  I hate classical music.  And I rarely use the word hate.

Lifehacker has started a series on digital photography.  More than just the basics you already know.  Looks very promising.

Even better, WikiHow has a tutorial on folding a towel elephant.  I’m going to put one in my kids’ bathroom and see if they notice.

Cracked has 9 words that don’t mean what you think they do.  I had non-plussed backwards.

Farmgate, one of my daily reads, has an agricultural forecast for 2008.  Generally good news.  Need more farming karma?  Granny J has tractors.  I could drive a tractor well before I ever tried to drive a car.

Newsome.Org got linked in a CBS story about keeping teens safe online.

Steve Spaulding does Zager and Evans, with a little help from the Discovery Channel.

Up until I read this, I didn’t care a whit about the writer’s strike.  If I need to go somewhere and picket to get one last ride with the best show (recently) on television, then picketing I will go.  On a happier note, I just noticed that Love American Style, one of my favorite shows when I was a kid, is out on DVD.  I have Disc 1 in my queue.

I’m going to do the wrap-up for my swivel feeds experiment over the long weekend.  And then I am going to unsubscribe to a lot of blogs.

Ayelet on one of the reasons I am not drinking the social network kool-aid.  There is far too much self-promotion in these social networks (and Twitter), and far too little value or entertainment.  There are too many different motivations for social networking, many of which are at cross purposes.

On the other hand, if you need a good reason to join Pownce, meet Mustard Empire.  He/she has single handedly revived my long buried and presumed dead interest in hip hop.  This song by the Winnie Coopers (great name) is a 10+.

Chris Brogan on passion in personal branding.  I’ve been including personal branding concepts in almost all of my recent conference speeches.  Even the scary country boy lawyer one.

PulverTV (sorry, I don’t do the non-initial caps thing unless I’m talking about eBay or an i something) looks very interesting.  I’d love to do some content for it, if I had more time.  Somebody in a comment to Jeff’s post said “live is where it’s at.”  Personally, I don’t believe that’s true.  I think interesting and archivable is where it’s at.  Neither of those require, and one is inconsistent with, live.  Live is hard for professionals.  It’s nearly impossible for the rest of us.

What I’d rather have than either an eBook reader or an iPod Touchbook:  a nice, solid paperback of another installment in the Hyperion series.  I’m well into the fourth and final book, and I think it may be the greatest series of books since the Lord of the Rings.  Nobody other than hard-core gadget freaks wants to read books on an eBook reader or an iSomething.  Could we possibly get any nerdier?

Seth has an interesting twist on the blogosphere caste system.  I don’t have any paid links.  The A-Listers won’t have anything to do with me.  And I think the entire SEO thing is somewhere between sad and irritating.  In fact, I think most of the internet and the entire blogosphere are rapidly disintegrating into a scene from Escape from New York.  Paging Snake Plissken.

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