Evening Reading: 9/22/07

800 feeds and nothing to read.  Lots of boring stuff in the blogosphere tonight.

Dave Winer tells us how to avoid sounding like an monkey.  I’m not exactly sure the point of his homily, other than he’s a math guy and people shouldn’t use fancy words to make something seem more complicated than it is.  To which I say semantic web, semantic web, semantic web, semantic web, etc.  I’m a math guy too, and I sort of agree with his point.  Only if you’re going to take that position, let’s apply it consistently.  Semantic web, semantic web, semantic web.

Microsoft is allowing PC makers to offer a Windows Visa downgrade to Windows XP.  I f*#%king hate the way Vista deals with photos.  Otherwise I think it’s a reasonably stable OS.  Much more so on my new HP than on my 3 year old homemade box.

I have been listening to and writing positively about Pandora lately.  But I think I have discovered a flaw.  Depth.  Granted, I have defined a narrow genome: mid-tempo, wistful alternative country.  But I am finding that the same 20 or so songs play a lot (as in every time) on my station.  Granted, they are great songs, but the music discovery angle seems to be diminishing rapidly.  I don’t want to take those songs completely out of the rotation for a month, which is an option under the “Guide Us” tab.  Any Pandora developers have any suggestions for me?  I hope so, because my deep Pandora love is starting to fade a little.

Thomas Hawk has guidelines for photowalking.  It’s a really good read.  When Thomas gets around to writing his book on photography, I will pre-order 10 copies from Amazon, keep one and give 9 to my local library.  Hopefully, by then I’ll have learned how to really use Photoshop.  My lack of Photoshop skills acts as a karma deterrent to my photographical aspirations.  Here’s one of the many awesome Thomas Hawk photos.

The Toad Post of the Day Award goes to Ethan and GrannyJ.  If you prefer frogs, there’s this.

Best song I heard for the 1st time in the past 6 months: Carry Me Ohio by Sun Kil Moon.

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