Evening Reading: 9/17/07

I have concluded that most bloggers post too often.  When I go through my blogroll, I see a lot of quantity and not so much quality.  And while I am still testing the pattern, I have a working theory that the bloggers I enjoy the most post less than the ones I enjoy less.  I suspect this is because many of the people who churn out scads of posts are doing so in an effort to serve ads.  I’ll post more on the marginal utility of blog posts later.

The traditional tech-centric blogosphere bores me to tears.  Is anyone reading this stuff?

If you have a bunch of cassette tapes lying around and would like to convert them to MP3s, here’s a $116 answer.

On a related note, I really want to hear Graham Parker’s version of Chain of Fools off of the very hard to find That’s When You Know CD.  Can anyone help me out?

I was quoted in an article in the Dallas Morning News today.

Here are some Jeopardy mishaps.  Number 7 (SNL) is worth a visit all by itself.

Chris Brogan has some good personal branding tips: “Remember that branding isn’t logos, software, and usernames. It’s about presenting yourself in such a way that people get an impression of you and your value.”  Add an “s” to the end of that sentence, and you’ve just summed up effective personal branding in one sentence.

On a related note, Steven Hodson has a good read on blog improvement.

Claus Valca on finding balance

Dwight Silverman on the timeless question of updating drivers.  As a general rule, I update my drivers pretty regularly, even if I’m not experiencing any issues.  I have, however, completely screwed my computer on occasion by doing so.  The most catastrophic example being a failed update of some RAID drivers.  I am SO HAPPY to be rid of RAID.

Neither John Walkenbach nor Jeff Balke dig SpiralFrog.

Why does Bloglines (and random other sites) never finish loading in my (Firefox) browser?  This is very annoying.

Pandora is still hands down the best place in the universe to discover great new music.  Here’s my station.

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