Evening Reading: 9/12/07

Susan Getgood has a good read on the campaign to save Battlestar Galactica from a series of bad Sci-Fi Channel decisions.  The frustrating problem is that BSG is on life-support already, so the long breaks almost killed Lost argument won’t work.  And I, too, still miss Farscape, but not 1/3 as much as I still grieve over the premature death of Firefly.  Speaking of the Sci-Fi Channel, TDavid shows us how to discourage comments.  The way to be sticky is to make it easy for people to interact.  Not by making it hard to.

Louis Gray wrote the second funniest sentence of the year the other day, in a post about visiting family and getting schooled by his mom in Wii bowling:

As I battled to pick up splits for spares, she would methodically knock all the pins down – at one point, scoring five straight strikes, much to our joint delight, disillusionment and annoyance.

I so get that.  I can remember getting clobbered by my mom in games I’d played for years, just moments after teaching them to her.  I’d be at once happy for her and furious with her.  It was especially irritating when she pretended not to notice how bad she was kicking my ass.  Those were wonderful times.

Since you asked, the funniest sentence of the week, and perhaps in the history of the blogosphere, is this one from Rory Blyth:

We all would have visited with her on our own, but the four of us – separate or together – are about as organized as a thousand burning squirrels on meth trying to fly a 747 to the moon.

I am just waiting for the chance to use that line on someone.

Om asks the unthinkable question.

Penelope Trunk leaves it on the field more than any other blogger I read.  Her posts about her personal life are as raw and immediate as words can be.  And her 9/11 post is phenomenal.  She’s got stones.  And I mean that as a compliment.

Steven Streight has 9 ways to improve your web site.

Will Wheaton captures a classic family moment.  Our classic family moment, to which the girls have given a Beowulf-worthy mythology through years of retelling, is the time I stepped in cat poop while walking barefoot through the den.  I hopped screaming on one foot to the bathroom and dipped my foot in the toilet to wash off the clinging remnants of said cat poop.  The girls quote lines from that story the way my friends and I used to quote Monty Python and the Holy Grail. 

Jeff Balke on my long awaited Led Zeppelin reunion.  Here’s Stereogum’s take.  Now we just need word of a tour.

More Louis: Great post on internal linking by some tech blogs.  Engadget is, in my way of thinking, an eMagazine more than a blog.  Plus, they have FAR too many posts, so I generally skip Engadget during my daily reading.  Mashable started out as the people’s TechCrunch, but needs to remember that as it gets more and more popular.  The problem, of course, comes down to the prospect of money.  Rather than double linking, I’d call it double ad-serving.  I’d love to know the average duration of those internal link page views.

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