Evening Reading: 9/9/07

Here are 12 Things to do with Coca Cola.  Drinking it is not mentioned.  Randy Morin isn’t a big Coke fan either.  Mike went cold turkey.  I quit sodas cold turkey about 15 years ago.  Went without for about 6 years.  Then I got hooked on Schweppes raspberry ginger ale.  Then back to water for about 5 years.  About 3 years ago, I fell off the water wagon for Snapple Diet Peach Tea.  Like any good junkie, I graduated up to Diet Dr. Pepper, where I sit today.  At some point, it will be cold turkey again.  Rinse.  Repeat.

People seemed to like the kite video.  Here’s a pretty amazing hand shadow show.

TechCrunch has a preview of Delicious 2.0.  All I want is the ability to delete “for” links.  That should take about 30 seconds of coding.

The Positivity Blog has 7 Habits of Highly Ineffective People.  I think it’s a really good list.  The biggest reason people in my business are ineffective is the failure to be accessible to the client and keep the client informed.  Not returning that call or email is never, ever the right decision.

Steve Spalding on how to save blogging from itself.  Nail, meet Mr. Hammer:

We jump on every trend, ride every wave, link bait, lambast, lie and kowtow all in hopes that it will drive up our CPM. Everyone needs to make a living, and I am the last person to tell anyone how to do it but I will say that this egotistical sense that we are on some noble quest to save the written word is a load of bull hockey that we need to stop buying into.

Steve has some solutions to ponder as well.  Great post.

Speaking of trying to make money, Twitter seems to be embracing the spam – er – commercial tweet.  Spam on Twitter.  Spitter.

This deserves a post of its own, but I want to point to it right away.  Susan Getgood on kids and social networks.  My two oldest kids, and all of their friends, are absolutely crazy about Webkinz.  The family computer is in my study, and I have watched them play in Webkinz World quite a bit.  Yes, it is sitting in front of a computer, but also yes, my kids who didn’t know a mouse from a monitor 2 years ago are now more computer literate than 75% of my adult friends.  There’s no way they would have allowed me to teach them in 3 years the computer-related stuff they learned via Webkinz in 6 months.  Like any tool, the secret is in moderation.  But I’m a Webkinz fan- of both the experience and the brilliant marketing plan.

TDavid had a thoughtful response to my anti-video blogging post.  TDavid is a smart dude, and when he addresses a topic, I pay attention.  That’s the sort of authority that matters to me- not the faux Technorati kind.

Why do developers feel the need to be sneaky to get their stuff on your computer?  It’s one thing when some company you’ve never heard of quasi-spams your address book.  Newsome’s Axiom:  sign up for more than 3 social networks and, by definition, you are not concerned about privacy.  It’s something else altogether when Microsoft does it.  I really like Live Writer.  I have bashed a lot of people, some of them my friends, for stupidly saying that Google anything is ever going to displace Office.  I have long ago written off and uninstalled Real Player for trying to take over my computer.  Microsoft should know better.

Claus has a good look at the new Live Writer version. Rick Mahn has a Live Writer wishlist.

Ayelet has a good read on effectively using social networks.  She has good, specific advice.  Not just intoxicated fluff like most social network posts.  Dave and Mike, when we pick an EELS guest from my blogroll, Ayelet is my first choice.  She’d be a great guest, and we’d break our own time zone record.

Blinding me with tennis: Brad Feld quotes Thomas Dolby in a post about tennis.  Now that’s what I call range.

Don Dodge has the best primer on network neutrality I’ve read yet.

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