Evening Reading: 9/5/07

I don’t really care that there are new iPods.  It doesn’t make me happy or interested.  It doesn’t make me angry or turn me off.  It lies at the perfect center of my apathy.

I think Facebook making profiles public has a lot to do with Facebook trying to generate more traffic and very little to do with knocking down walls and creating an autonomous collective of open and accessible content.  There is a reason why social networks maintain their walls.  It’s their attempt to keep their content from running away.  It’s a corral for the conscripted.

Hayden Shaughnessy on the Facebook vs Blog thing.  I completely agree that a lot of people overstate the depth of the friendship relationship within Facebook.  Shel Israel has also written thoughtfully about this.

Even famous cartoonists get crapped on once in a while.

You may be relieved or horrified to know that there may be money in meat goats.

Guy Kawasaki wants to know if you’re an egomaniac.

TDavid thinks there might be a Led Zeppelin reunion.  I’ve been hoping that would happen for years.  I’m about to get my 3rd wish.  Number 1 will never happen.  That leaves Led Zeppelin to break the tie.

A belated happy anniversary to Warner and his better half.

Earl Moore notes that redheads may be becoming extinct.  That’s sort of a bummer, since everyone knows a woman with red hair gets a +2 bonus.

I am very interested in the evolution of Rick Mahn’s reading list.  Hey Rick, how about more details on your speed reading process?  I could use a tool like that when slogging through my swivel feeds.  I find that when I am short on time or get too far behind in my reading, I make a split-second snap decision based on the title of a post about whether to read the first paragraph or not, to see if there’s something of interest there.  It is, to say the least, an inefficient and occasionally unrewarding way to read feeds.  It also drives home the importance of titles.

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