Swivel Feeds, Group 9

This is an update on my swivel feeds experiment, in which I ask bloggers I read to help me rebuild my reading list by adding 5 of their favorite blogs to the list.  I’ve had a very positive response so far, and my new reading list is coming together nicely, with a diverse and interesting mix of bloggers.  When the list is complete, I will share it and upload an OPML file for those who are interested.

Here’s how it works.  Every few days I ask a group of my favorite bloggers to each recommend 5 blogs to add to the list.  I post the recommended blogs in a subsequent update, and add them to my swivel feeds list.  Each update has a list of the recent blog recommendations, followed by the next group of bloggers I am asking to add blogs to the list.

Here are the swivel feeds recommendations so far from the eighth group, plus any stragglers from prior groups.  Note that, when possible, I designate blogs by the name of the blogger, because I like to know who I’m talking to.

There has been some confusion about who is supposed to recommend what.  The single column list below are the new blogs that got added to the list by the last group of bloggers.  The new list of bloggers I am asking to add blogs to the list is near the bottom of this post.


Ben Rockwood
Chris Doelle
Curiousgirl’s Playground
Giveaway of the Day
Hack a Day
J.D. Roth
John Gruber
Ken Jennings
Learned on Women
MG Seigler
Marginal Revolution
Matt’s Idea Blog
Merlin Mann
Mike Schaffner
Pam Slim
Rob Hyndman
Roger Ehrenberg
Seth Godin
Signal vs Noise
Stand to Reason
Steven Hodson
Wes Fryer
Will Wheaton
Yuvi Panda

I have subscribed to all of the recommended blogs, and all but three are new additions to my reading list (I already subscribed to those three).

The blogs listed above join the following prior recommendations and participants in the sixth edition of my new reading list.  Links to inform others about our swivel feeds collaborative reading list experiment would be much appreciated, but are by no means a condition to inclusion.


A Cons. Experience
Adam Gaffin
Adam Ostrow
Ah Soon
Alan Levine
Alan Patrick
Andy Abramson
Anne Zelinka
Assaf Arkin
Beth Kanter
Blog Business Summit
Blogging Pro
Blonde 2.0
Bob Meets World
Bonnie Staring
Brad Feld
Brad Kellett
Brian Balfour
Brian Oberkirch
C.C. Chapman
Chip Camden
Chris Brogan
Chris Marston
Christine Thurow
Christopher Carfi
Claus Valca
Corey Clayton
Crystal Jackson
D’Arcy Norman
Daily Cup of Tech
Dan Santow
Dave Rogers
Dave Taylor
Dave Wallace
David Cohen
David Rothman
Deborah Schultz
Dennis the Peasant
Dogster Blog
Don Dodge
Donna Bogatin
Doug Karr
Dwight Silverman
Earl Moore
Ed Bott
Engtech Lite
Eric Olson
Eric Scalf
Ethan Johnson
Ewan McIntosh
Father Bob
Fear Not the Gods
Frank Paynter
Fraser Kelton
Funny Junk
GAS Tech. News
Giovanni Rodriguez
Greg Hughes
Greg Sterling
Haydn Shaughnessy
Heise Security
Hilary Talbot
Howard Lindzon
Hugo Ortega
ICH Cheezburger
Ian Delaney
Ian Forrester
Ilker Yoldas
J.A. Konrath
J.P. Rangaswami
Jackson Miller
Jake Ludington
Jay Neely
Jeff Balke
Jeff Masters
Jennifer Slegg
Jeremiah Owyang
Jessica Hagy
Jing Chen
Joe Wikert
John Tropea
John T. Unger
John Walkenbach
Jon Udell
Josh Kopelman
Joshua Porter
Just Elite
Justine Ezarik
Kate Trgovac
Kevin Burton
Kfir Pravda
Larry Borsato
Les Orchard
Lisa Stone
Liz Stauss
Long Zheng
Lost and Gone Forever
Louis Gray
Madame Levy
Marek Uliasz
Martin Gordon
Matt Moran
Mike Manuel
Mike Miller
Nancy White
Nashville Is Talking
Natalie Goes to Japan
New Scientist
Nick Carr
Nick Hodge
Nick O’Neill
Official Google Blog
One Degree
Paddy Johnson
Paper Ghost
Paul Colligan
Paul Greenberg
Paul Lester
Paul Stamatiou
Penelope Trunk
Quasi Fictional
Read/Write Web
Reg Braithwaite
Rex Hammock
The River
Robert Andrews
Robert Hruzek
Robert Nagle
Rod Begbie
Rory Blyth
Scott Adams
Scott Hanselman
Seamus McCauley
Shel Israel
The Struggling Writer
Stuart Brown
TED Blog
ThoughtWorks Blogs
Tina Roth Eisenberg
Tom Evslin
Tom Matrullo
Tom Moody
Tony Hung
Trevin Chow
Tricks of the Trade
War on Folly
Will Truman
Wonderland or Not
Yes But No But Yes
Zen Habits

From Group 8, I haven’t received recommendations from Marc Canter, Mark EvansMichael Parekh, Mike Seyfang or Niall Kennedy.  From Group 7, I haven’t received recommendations from John Dvorak, John Watson, Karl Martino, Kevin Briody, Kevin Hales or Kevin Maney.  My general policy is to assume non-participation after 2 weeks.

From Group 6,

JD Lasica, Jeneane Sessum, Jeremy Zawodny and Jimmy Huen did not make any recommendations.  All have been dropped from the swivel feeds list.

Now for the next 12 bloggers each of whom I am asking to add 5 blogs to the list:


Mathew Ingram: One of my original blogging buddies.

Nick Carr: The Cormac McCarthy of the blogosphere.  I don’t always agree with him, but he can turn a phrase like no other blogger.

Om Malik: I’ve read Om since my first week in the blogosphere.  Lots of value to be had on his various sites.

OmegaMom: An all around interesting and cool person.

PC Doctor: One of my long-time, every day reads.

Phil Sim: Another of my original blogging buddies.

Pramit Singh: One of my favorite writers on social networking.

Randy Morin: One of my core blogging pals.

Ric Hayman: Another long time blogging pal.

Richard Querin: Yet another of my core blogging buddies.

Rick Mahn: One more of my long-time blogging pals.

Rob Barron: Mike turned me onto Rob a few months ago.  One of my favorite recent additions to my reading list.

That’s the ninth group of bloggers I’m asking to help rebuild my reading list.  If you’re willing, please recommend 5 of your favorite blogs to add to the list.  Use your blog, the comments or email, whichever you prefer.