Evening Reading: 7/11/07

281 channels and nothing to read.  Boring day in the blogosphere today.

I didn’t know there were 10 Twitter applications, but here are the top 10 according to Read/WriteWeb.

TVSquad found out what would have happened had Drive not been canned like every other new network TV show.

Chris Kasten on the challenges of the no nofollow movement.  I delete spam every morning from my comments, and I have a captcha and a nofollow tag.  It just amazes me how many things assholes in search of an easy buck screw up for the rest of us: comments, telephones, email, fax machines.  The list goes on and on.

I need at least 3 more segments to make an Evening Reading post, so the next three posts that pop up in my reader and aren’t about cats will get linked.  Bloggers start your keyboards.

10 minutes later, nothing.  I think everyone fell asleep in front of their computers.  I’m feeling a bit drowsy…need a diversion.

I visited Facebook.  Here’s what’s going on there.  Steve and Liz are my newest friends.  If they were really my friends, they’d publish a post so I can finish this one.  Liz says you should never finish a blog post, maybe this is nature’s way of telling me in a blog (anyone remember Spirit?).  Ayelet and I are going to fight global warming.  I’m pretty sure if Ayelet told me to fight Evander Holyfield I’d do it.  Mario has a very interesting read about the blogging process.  It’s available outside of Facebook on his blog.  I had not seen that Wikipedia excerpt.  I find this part very descriptive and compelling: “Some people describe feeling driven to keep a diary, often as a way to put their existence into perspective.”

Need 3 more things to write about.  Back to my reader, and Eureka

1) Chris Kasten gets a two-fer, with a very good read on Omnidrive and Box.net.  I still want one of those online storage services to do a Pownce interface so I can save the songs Brian and others share to my online storage account right from Pownce.

2) Marek Uliasz on water photography.

3) Will Truman on Picture Day.  I almost wrote above about his earlier post today on The Middle Sister, which is some fantastic writing, but I felt like I might be tuning in halfway through the story.  If this doesn’t make you dive for the link to go read that post, I don’t know what will: “She’s an avowed communist, crusading environmental lawyer, sometimes more proud of her Russian citizenship than her American citizenship and currently living in the Philippines.”  Man, I want a 300, no 600 page novel about life on the Corrigan compound.

I did pretty darn good just picking the next 3 posts to show up.

I’m not sure what that says about all the effort I generally spend selecting posts the old fashioned way.

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