Evening Reading: 7/6/07

SiliconUser has an interesting read about the history of the compact disc.

Here’s a neat little quiz.  Can you name all the U.S. Presidents in 10 minutes?  I thought I’d be able to, but nope.

Donna Bogatin: “As the virtual social networking ‘friendship’ race to claim more ‘friends’ than the next Web guy (or gal) intensifies, the real value of REAL social networking is obscured amidst the online popularity game.

Paul Stamatiou reviews the Slingbox AV.

I generally avoid political and religious topics, but this is about as messed up as something can be.

Rick Mahn on the Twitter advantage.   

Mike Malone on how Pownce came to be.

Here’s the iPhone Musical.  Very clever.

Valleywag: When all else fails launch a social network.  Ain’t that the truth.

Yahoo Bill Pay joins the deadpool.

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