Evening Reading: 6/28/07

I’m glad to see Bill Liversidge blogging again.  I really enjoy his writing.

C|Net has a photo gallery of tech’s most hyped product launches.

Survival Topics has a good read on the 5 Basic Survival Skills.

I know a guy named Frank Smith, but HearYa has a write up on the band by the same name.  The clip sounds really good.  Love that steel.

Dave Taylor looks at whether the iPhone will be a business phone.  I love me some Dave, but if it won’t synch with Outlook, it won’t be a business phone.  Thousands of IT departments whose bosses already fear anything resembling online data storage are not going to risk their jobs by forcing the issue.  Not when there are so many Blackberries out there that accommodate the safe decision.

Stereogum is my Marc Andreessen.  I just have to link to it every day.  Here’s its list of the 20 loudest albums of all time.

Dennis the Peasant is hilarious.  “It’s only a short step from Cole Porter to Edith Piaf. But I’m not one to withhold credit when credit is due: You’ve got to be an authentic phoney to listen to Edith Piaf and then act like it was a treat. I mean, it isn’t just that she’s French – although that should be enough for most people – it’s, it’s that she sounds like someone is goosing her at a rate of about 30 times a minute.”

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