Evening Reading: 6/27/07

Pageflakes has apparently left the semi-crowded portal space and jumped into the insanely crowded social network space.  Social network is the most over used and meaningless term in the history of the internet.  It’s just links to people and information of interest, loosely wrapped around some commonality.  There have been social networks since the old BBS days.  All this stuff (I’m talking about the social network craze here, not Pageflakes) is just better technology aimed at capturing users to drive value for developers and venture capitalists.

I’m interested in Kevin Rose’s new instant messaging service, Pownce.  There needs to be a more intuitive and efficient way to share information.  Hey Kevin, want to hook me up so I can review it?

I guess the girls do get prettier at closing time. (via Obscure)

When we got married, my wife couldn’t name all four Beatles (she’s not all that into music).  Neither can Larry King.  Stereogum has the hilarious transcript

Dwight was a good write-up on the latest iPhone hype and mania.

Jeff Pulver is doing an Everyday Heroes project.  It’s a collaborative effort to feature amazing and inspiring stories of ordinary people.  I think it’s a great idea, and plan to participate.  I can think of several people who have a profound positive effect on the lives of those around them.  Now I just have to talk one or more of them into telling their story on film.  In the meantime YesButNoButYes has an everyday hero clip to kick things off.

Robert Hruzek has a list of interesting quotes.  I like the way Neil Young says it better that the way John Kenneth Galbraith does.

Scott Hanselman on escalating the communication.  There are a couple of people in my office who use the “Reply to All” button as a medium for self-promotion.  It drives most people crazy, but it also seems to work on occasion.  Sort of like spam, I guess.

MySpace for dogs?  Are you kidding me? What’s next DogPee, to help find the nearest fire hydrant?

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