Evening Reading: 6/26/07

I’ve noticed a trend I really don’t like.  In my feeds, many of the links to the post page for the blog entry are being redirected through Feedburner.  I suppose this is because (a) people want to track every possible statistic about their traffic, and (b) Google wants to get as far into our data as possible.  The problem is that if you, like me, want to link to the post page directly, you now have to click on the link, wait for the redirected page to load and get the URL from your browser’s address bar.  Previously, you could just right click and copy the link location.  This is a recipe for link discouragement.

AOL, who perfected the internet-like online experience, has launched a blog-like news service.

If the 6 people who watch your video cast make you nervous, EnjoyMyMedia will let you create a channel just for your mom.

The Dell XPS M1330 looks like a pretty sweet laptop.

I had 84 unread Gizmodo posts in my feed reader tonight.  I’ll ask once more- am I the only one who thinks that is way too many?  Is there one person in the world with a real job who reads all of them?  I unsubscribed.

Netvibes added some new features.  But not the ability to set the text size.  This seems like a 10 minute job that would benefit millions of users and potential users.  So why isn’t it happening?

Ethan Johnson has a good read on the credibility issue.  I like being compared to Joan Baez and Bob Dylan.  I also like the fact that he linked to me and didn’t later remove it.

I had no idea Greg Hughes is a pyrotechnician.  Very cool.  I was invited to the VIP suite of a huge fireworks show a couple of years ago.  The control room was next door, and we were allowed to watch the guys do their thing.  Watching the activity in the control room was even cooler than watching the fireworks themselves.

I’ve discovered a lot of great new blogs to read via my swivel feeds experiment, but none that I am enjoying more than Penelope Trunk.  Great stuff.  Highly recommended.

I’ve been predicting (read hoping for) a Led Zeppelin reunion for years.  Today Stereogum says I might finally be right.

Leo at Zen Habits is asking for donations.  Zen Habits is a must-read blog.  I’ve given, and I hope you will too.

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