Evening Reading: 6/24/07

Impress your friends by solving the Rubik’s Cube.  Here’s part 2.

I’m not sure which surprises me more: that Apple passed Amazon in music sales or that Walmart and Best Buy are one and two.  I haven’t bought a CD in a bricks and mortar store in many years.  Amazon really missed its opportunity to dominate the downloadable music market.

Richard Querin has launched a new site for his Inkscape screencasts.  The picture quality is really good.  Inkscape looks pretty cool too.  I wish someone would make a series like this for Photoshop.  I rank using Photoshop and flying the space shuttle as equivalent on the difficulty scale.

My kids would not dig living here.  Now if it was a skittles powered house… (via Zoli)

Earl is developing a system for managing his reading list.  I don’t have them separated out, but I have a basic mental list that closely mirrors his groups.  Once my swivel feeds experiment is over, I’ll start on the process of classifying and prioritizing.

Wow, Kevin Tofel found some actual applications that work on Blackberries.  I’ve had one for years, but I have never been anything but unimpressed by the available applications.  Of course when you go to the Mobio page, there’s no way to tell what they are.  I don’t need the gas price deal.  I already do that wirelessly- with my eyes.

One of the interesting by-products of feeds and Technorati is the ability to watch posts as they are revised.  I find it curious when links sometimes disappear in subsequent edits.  Maybe you have to be careful who you’re seen hanging around with.  No more about this now.  Maybe later.

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