Evening Reading: 6/20/07

C|Net reports that Google’s search share has grown to 56.3%  I’m not surprised it grew, but I’m surprised it’s only 56.3%.  I can’t think of a reason to use any other search engine.  Google search simply works.  Yahoo has 21.5%.  Next is Microsoft at a measly 8.4%.

Here are 20 video tutorials for the budding magician.

Looks like BarCamp is coming to Houston.  Here’s the wiki, where you can sign up.

I had 52 unread Engadget posts in my reader tonight, and 63 unread Gizmodo posts.  It there anyone who wants to read that many?  Anyone?  I am really close to unsubscribing.  Currently, I just get overwhelmed and ignore all of them.

I have another Bebo report, even better than the last one.  Today “BunnyHeroLabs was added to the Bebo Widgets lineup.”  I don’t know what that means, but I’m sure it’s important.  And hilarious.

Stowe Boyd still doesn’t want to address the preemptive use of the troll label, but he wants you to follow him on Twitter so he can make the Top 100.  I told you it was about personal brand building.  Recall that I generally sided with him in the original argument, but I’m curious about what he thinks about this preemptive labeling business and I’m just going to keep asking until he answers.

TDavid’s family has been TV-free for over a year.  He asks his family if they miss it.

Didn’t I say basically the same thing a few weeks ago?  Now people want to have job interviews in Second Life?  Second Life is about 80% game and 20% social network.  Generally speaking, jobs are about 0% games and 10% social network.  I’m not saying there’s not money to be made via Second Life- I’m simply saying that some people are going waaaaay overboard when it comes to actual business uses for Second Life.

Speaking of Second Life, C.C. Chapman has a review of the new voice features.

Jing Chen on encouraging more girls to pursue tech.

Scott Adams on how he makes a comic strip.  Very interesting.

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