Songs for Good Spirits

Susan Getgood tagged me in Hilda Carroll’s collective playlist meme.  The idea is to add one song that lifts your spirits every time you hear it.

Those who know me musically know that uplifting songs are not my strong point.  But I can think of quite a few songs that make me really happy every time I hear them.  As Susan and others have said, it’s hard to pick just one.  But after thinking about it for a bit, I did.

It’s a song called Weight of the World off the record Built of Stone by the Cigar Store Indians.  I heard them play it live on XM once and the lead singer said he wrote it for his kids.  One listen by any parent of young children will send you running for the crying towel.  Not because it is sad, but because it is so perfect.

These lines sum up the way the song makes me feel (remember that he is singing to his kids):

You gotta try to live your life
Kinda like a script
Like you’re in a movie
Like you’re watchin’ it
20 years from now
You won’t give a damn
You’re a tempest
Born and raised…and loved

An absolutely perfect song.  Wonderful advice. I gotta go find my kids and hug them.

I’m going to tag Matt Moran, Jeff Balke and Blonde 2.0.

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