Evening Reading: 6/15/07

One week after my CHS 1978 social networking experiment, that post is number one on Google for “Cheraw High 1978.”  I did my part.  Google did its part.  Now we wait….

Maybe this is why Kodak is getting out of the low end digital camera market.

My favorite universal remote is the MX-800.  Engadget, in one of 6,000 posts today, has a preview of the new MX-810.

Om asks the same question I did when I read the wave of posts about Safari for Windows.  I have that same question with respect to 90% of the Web 2.0 applications I read about.  And about this.

Dave Wallace wants to sell you some ocean front property.  I couldn’t even give land away last year.  I hope the market is better for Dave.

@Paul Colligan: Amen.  These are the same people who say that Word is dead, even though it creates 99% of the contracts that keep the wheels of commerce turning.

Zen Habits is simply a must read, for anyone.  Here’s another example why.

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