Evening Reading: 6/14/07

Susan Getgood on LinkedIn and Facebook.  It seems to me that LinkedIn could own the grownup population if it would make a few tweaks and open its API.  Susan is right- it’s way too hard to find people in Facebook.  I find most of these social networks to be either chaotic or boring.  I want mine just right.  Like porridge.

Richard Querin has discovered a very useful Firefox extension.

Seth finally got paroled from Wikipedia.  He successfully overcame the Finkelstein Paradox.  Shel Israel is happy to take his place.

If you’ve been wondering about the status of Web 2.0 in Romania, read on.

Valleywag says Scoble wants a new gig.  Scoble says he has committed to stay at PodTech “until 2008,” or stated another way, for another 6 months and 16 days.  I’m still a little bitter about getting booted from Scoble’s reading list, but blogging is blogging and life is life, and if stories like this adversely affect Scoble’s job, that’s not cool.

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