Swivel Feeds, Group 4

This is an update on my swivel feeds experiment, in which I ask bloggers I read to help me rebuild my reading list.  I’ve had a great response so far, and my new reading list is coming together nicely, with a diverse and interesting mix of bloggers.

Here are the swivel feeds recommendations so far from the third group.  Note that, when possible, I designate blogs by the name of the blogger, because I like to know who I’m talking to.

Alan Levine
Beth Kanter
Brad Feld
Claus Valca
Dave Rogers
Father Bob
Fraser Kelton
Hugo Ortega
J.P. Rangaswami
Jennifer Slegg
Joe Wikert
John Walkenbach
Jon Udell
Long Zheng
Marek Uliasz
Nick Hodge
Paul Lester
Robert Nagle
Scott Hanselman

I have subscribed to all of the recommended blogs, and all but five of them are new to me.

These blogs join the following prior recommendations and participants in the third edition of my new reading list.

A Cons. Experience
Anne Zelinka
Assaf Arkin
Blogging Pro
Blonde 2.0
Bob Meets World
Bonnie Staring
Brad Kellett
Chip Camden
Chris Brogan
Christopher Carfi
Claus Valca
D’Arcy Norman
Daily Cup of Tech
Dan Santow
Dave Taylor
Dave Wallace
David Rothman
Deborah Schultz
Doug Karr
Dwight Silverman
Earl Moore
Ed Bott
Engtech Lite
GAS Tech. News
Heise Security
Hilary Talbot
Ian Forrester
J.A. Konrath
Jessica Hagy
John Tropea
John T. Unger
Les Orchard
Lisa Stone
Mike Miller
Nancy White
Natalie Goes to Japan
New Scientist
Nick O’Neill
Paul Greenberg
Paul Stamatiou
Quasi Fictional
Read/Write Web
Reg Braithwaite
Robert Andrews
Robert Hruzek
The Struggling Writer
Tricks of the Trade
Wonderland or Not
Zen Habits

From Group 3 I haven’t heard from Dave Winer, David Airey or Doc Searls.  From Group 2 I haven’t heard from Bill LiversidgeCorey Clayton or Dave Rogers.  My general policy is to assume non-participation after 2 weeks.  Craig Newmark elected not to participate.

From Group 1, Amy GahranBen Metcalfe or Ben Werdmuller did not respond and have been dropped from the swivel feeds list.  Amy gets a “sponsor’s exemption,” however, and remains on my reading list.  I think she may still be off the grid.

Now for the next 8 bloggers:

Donna Bogatin:  Until recently, Donna wrote for ZDNet at Digital Markets.  Now she’s on her own at InsiderChatter.com.  One of my long time reads.

Eric Scalf:  My WordPress guru and a great writer on blog building and other topics.

Ethan Johnson:  Another core blogging buddy.  He has this soccer thing going, but at least I have some understanding of soccer.  Unlike Linux and Macs and that sort of thing.

Frank Gruber:  A long time blogging buddy as well.  Frank works for AOL and writes about Web 2.0, technology a
other interesting stuff.

Frank Paynter:  I’ve read Frank’s blog for as long as I’ve been reading blogs.  Highly recommended.

Fraser Kelton:  Fraser is another long-time read.  He has been blogging intermittently lately.  Maybe this will nudge him back to the keyboard.

Fred Wilson:  Fred and I are about the same age, and share a lot of musical interests.  He’s a good, thoughtful writer on a wide range of topics.

Greg Hughes:  Another long time read, Greg is an IT/security guy who writes well about various tech topics.

That’s the fourth group of bloggers I’m asking to help rebuild my reading list.  If you’re willing, please recommend 5 of your favorite blogs to add to the list.  Use the comments, your blog or email, whichever you prefer.