Evening Reading: 6/7/07

Newly subscribed: Chris Kasten.  Newly unsubscribed: None, but there are several on the verge.

Movie Recommendation: another scary one.  The Messengers.  Netflix link.

AARP has a list of 50 Things You Need to Know by 50.  I love number 3.  I used to not know that.  That one and this one were written about the same waitress.

Doc on Facebook vs blogging: “The logic required here is AND, not OR. Both are good, for their own reasons.

Stargate Atlantis via Line Rider.  This is cool, and took someone a long time to create. (via Michael Parekh – Hey Michael, I added you as a Twitter friend and then had to dump you because of my Pink Floyd Policy; In the words of another great band, Why Can’t We Be Friends?)  More sci-fi goodness.

Susan Getgood on ghost writing.  I’m not a PR guy, but I can tell you this.  If I was reading a blog by a stated author and found out some hired hand was writing it, I would unsubscribe immediately.  And I would not be happy with the company for misleading me.

Now we have a virtual secretary for social networking.  Aren’t we making just a little too much out of these sites?

Claus Valca has some great Vista tips.  Includes some ways to deal with the dreaded User Account Control.

Ian Forrester on the iPhone: “the hype is getting stupid.”  Amen.  But so is the hype about everything that remotely relates to social networking.

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