Evening Reading: 6/6/07

Newly subscribed: Paul Lester (via Earl); Donna Bogatin (see below).  Newly unsubscribed: None.

Donna Bogatin has left Digital Markets and taken the solo blogging plunge.  Her new blog is InsiderChatter.com.  I’ve subscribed.

Generally, when I read about some internet giant buying a smaller company, it makes me sad.  But I hope Amazon does buy Netflix, because Amazon is probably the only company who could buy Netflix and not screw it up.  There might be a sales tax problem holding this deal back.

Tom Morris has started a podcast.

Jericho is coming back.  That’s excellent news.

Zoli Erdos has a good write-up on the latest in the Zooomr saga.


Daily Cup of Tech has a list of online generators of custom graphics.  You know, those sites that let you put names and whatnot on signs, tombstones, concert tickets, etc.

Here’s a very interesting read about a man man who has suffered from anterograde amnesia for 40 years. (via Shelley Powers)

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