Morning Reading: 6/3/07

The fact that there are some idiots playing the censorship card over Linden Labs policy prohibiting “real-life images, avatar portrayals, and other depictions” of sexual acts involving children, sexual violence including rape, and other “broadly offensive content” is precisely why Second Life is not even close to being ready for serious business use.  I understand that who defines “offensive content” is an important issue, but that doesn’t mean anything goes should be the policy in Second Life any more than it is the policy in the first one.

Engadget has a Tivo Deathwatch update.  I had my own Tivo Deathwatch going, until DirecTV made me switch to their inferior PVRs.  Meanwhile one of those new satellites that are supposed to give us all those HD channels has been delayed.

Jeff Balke on Hurricane preparedness in Houston and Galveston.  Eric Berger may be “even-handed” now, but he adopted the “our job is to scare people” approach during Hurricane Rita.

Pramit Singh asks if blogging can change the world.  No, but the more efficient distribution and archival of information via blogging platforms can certainly change parts of it, similar to the way internet distribution is changing the music business.  Seth is correct that blogs have not flattened the earth as much as we’d like and there are still a lot of A-Listers (and, surprisingly, a lot of non-A-Listers too) who stare at you blankly when you talk to them, but it has at least made the hills smaller.

This dude has a 60 story house and a servant staff of 600.  Are you kidding me?

I still think this is a joke.  If Google buys this site, then we are definitely in the midst of Bubble 2.0.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the usefulness spectrum, Web Worker Daily has 7 Applications for Online Note-Taking.  For most of us in the corporate world, the two biggest issues with respect to online note taking are backup and security.

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