Swivel Feeds, Group 2

This is an update on my swivel feeds experiment, in which I ask bloggers I read to help me rebuild my reading list.

Here are the swivel feeds recommendations so far from the first group.  Note that, when possible, I designate blogs by the name of the blogger, because I like to know who I’m talking to.

Anne Zelinka
Bob Meets World
Bonnie Staring
Chris Brogan
David Rothman
Deborah Schultz
Engtech Lite
Heise Security
Hilary Talbot
Ian Forrester
J.A. Konrath
John Tropea
Les Orchard
New Scientist
Nick O’Neill
Quasi Fictional
Reg Braithwaite
Robert Andrews
The Struggling Writer
Tricks of the Trade


Participants Blonde 2.0, Mike MillerAmylooAssaf Arkin and Improbulus round out the first edition of my new reading list.

So far, we are off to a good start.  I have subscribed to all of the recommended blogs, and all of them are new to me.

No suggestions yet from A Consuming Experience, Amy Gahran, Amyloo, Assaf Arkin, Ben Metcalfe or Ben Werdmuller, but there’s plenty of time to get them in.

Now for the next 8 bloggers (whose additions will be listed in the next update):

Bill Liversidge: Bill is a writer, like several of the swivel feeds recommendations above.  I have been reading his blog for a long time, though he does not post as much as he used to.  I hope he sees this.

Brad Kellett: One of my core blogging pals.  He’s one of my mobile tech gurus, though he writes well about a lot of other topics too.

Chip Camden: Another of my core blogging buddies.  He’s a software developer who, like me, blogs about all sorts of things.  One of my long-time reads.

Christopher Carfi:  Chris is an entrepreneur, and the co-founder of Cerado.  I’ve been reading his blog since I found out what blogs were.

Claus Valca: Another Houston blogger, who writes detailed and very informative posts about software, among other topics.

Corey Clayton: A relatively new read who I met via Twitter.  He’s a tech writer and a podcaster.

Craig Newmark: The founder of Craigslist needs no introduction.  The first time he commented here, I actually called my wife from work and told her.  That’s the only thing about this blog she actually thinks is cool, as opposed to, well, nerdy.  I enjoy Craig’s political and social activism posts.

Dave Rogers:  Dave is a retired navy commander from Florida, whose blog I have read for a year or two.  He writes well about all sorts of stuff.

That’s the second group of bloggers I’m asking to help rebuild my reading list.  If you’re willing, please give me 5 recommendations to add to the list.  Use the comments, your blog or email, whichever you prefer.