Swivel Feeds for Better Reads

It’s no secret that I’ve been a little bored with some of my feeds lately.  So it’s time to launch a grand experiment that will provide lots of good, new blogs to read.  I’m going to dump a lot of my feeds and ask bloggers I enjoy reading to help rebuild my reading list.

And I’m going to compile the list and share it with everyone.

When I logged on today, I had 147 feeds in my feed reader.  Some of them are news sites and blogs that I view as the functional equivalent of news sites.  They will remain in my feeds.  This group consists of Blogspotting, C|Net Alpha, C|Net News, Digital Markets, Download SquadDPR, eHomeUpgrade, Engadget, Fark, Farmgate, Gizmodo, HD Beat, InsideMicrosoft, Lifehacker, Mashable, Obscure, Photography School, ProBlogger, PVRblog, Steve Gillmor, TechCrunch, Techdirt, Techmeme, TV Squad, Valleywag and ZDNet Blogs.

Next, there are quite a few blogs that I am going to drop, because they have fallen into near abandonment or otherwise don’t interest me for one reason or another.  No need to list those.

Now for the fun part.

Then there are the rest of my feeds.  This group consists of the bloggers who interest me the most.  I have a lot of interests, so these feeds cover a lot of ground.  And I want these folks to help me reseed my reading list with blogs they like and/or think I’d like.

I’ll update both the list and my feeds as we go, and when we’re done, I’ll post the entire list and an OPML file for anyone who wants it.

So, once or twice a week, I’ll list several of these blogs, describe briefly why I enjoy them and ask each of the writers to add 5 blogs to the list.

That’s about it.

So let’s get started with the first 8 bloggers.

A Consuming Experience: I learned a lot of the technical stuff I do with my blog template from Improbulus.  Her blog is a living resource for blogging and technical tips and how-tos.

Amy Gahran: She was the first person who got me thinking about blogs as conversations, which became my core blogging philosophy.

Amyloo: Amy blogs on a lot of topics that interest me.  A great blend of tech, politics, music, philosophy.

Assaf Arkin:  He’s one of my favorite software reads, and the Tom Clancy of the blogosphere.  Lots of hard, but understandable, tech.  Very little “me too” posts about the latest bookmarking application, etc.

Mike Miller:  Mike is one of my core blogging buddies, and someone I discuss stuff with almost every day.  He’s already led me to lots of good reads and several people who’ll appear in this series, but I want more.

Ben Metcalfe:  Ben is a social media commentator and developer.  Thus, I learn a lot more from him than a lot of the social media bloggers who merely regurgitate what they read on TechCrunch.

Ben Werdmuller:  I realize that Nuclear Sledgehammer is a group/company blog, and I mean no disrespect to the other writers, but Ben was the one I started reading first, so he gets the recommendation request.  Good, thoughtful writing about the blogosphere, social networking, etc.

Blonde 2.0: Ayelet came out of nowhere to quickly become one of my favorite bloggers.  If she posted a little more, she’d be in the Technorati 100 within a year (Steve Rubel once said that about me, but I didn’t quite make it).

So there are the first 8 bloggers I’m asking to help rebuild my reading list.  If you’re willing, please give me 5 recommendations to add to the list.  Use the comments, your blog or email, whichever you prefer.

Also, if you are a blogger I don’t know about yet, feel free to tell me about your blog, and it may make the list too.  And if you’re one of the rare non-blogging blog readers, please give me your list too.  I am very interested in recommendations from non-bloggers.