Evening Reading: 5/23/07

Looks like Google is, in fact, going to buy FeedBurner.  That makes me sad.  Google is trying to corner the market on information.  Like when someone shoots the moon in Hearts, it may be too late to do anything about it when people realize it and start to care.

Now cola has gone open source.

Kodak is getting out of the “low end” digital camera business.  Hmmm.

My home state gets serious about beer.  When I lived there we were happy to get our hands on PBRs and Falstaff.  I even had a taste of moonshine a time or two.  Anyone drinking those high falutin’ beers would have been beat up summarily.

The Civil War in 4 minutes.  This is a great video- watch it before they take it down. (via Kevin Briody)

Tris Hussey asked the $64,000 question, and then deleted it.  Here’s a clip from my reader.

Scott Karp is a blogging buddy, but when I see both “disruptive” and “disintermediated” in the first 13 words of a post, it’s time to mark it read and move on. 

My funny line of the day, from a TechCrunch story on some scheduled Second Life downtime: “Second Life entrepreneurs are particularly unhappy with the downtime, after all, if you’re trying to make a living from Second Life this downtime affects the bottom line.”  That’s what I tell my wife when she makes me and the kids stop playing whiffle ball and come inside for dinner.  “Honey, I’m going to get rich playing whiffle ball one day….”

Blonde 2.0 on brand building via social media. 

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