Evening Reading: 5/22/07

Randy Morin is 100% correct.  Those on the outside looking in could easily change the game by linking to each other.  For me, it’s a matter of recreating the blogosphere or leaving it altogether.  Once we get a collective voice, the blogging elite will let us in the club, and we can all blog together.  It’s not about pulling the A-Listers down, it’s about pulling ourselves up.  Scott Kingery agrees.

Google declares Google Office victory.  Maybe, if victory means being used by non-corporate cheapskates.  I don’t know a single person who uses Google Apps in lieu of Office or Works.  Not one.

Karl Martino makes some good points about online news, and expects to be ignored.  See item 1 above.

Darren Rowse, who I consider an un-A-Lister even though he never answered my question, has a good post on growing a blog.

Random blogs I like: Ben Metcalfe, Brad Kellett, Craig Newmark, Greg Hughes, Jeremy Zawodny, Kevin Briody, Ric Hayman, Richard Querin, Steven Streight and Zoli Erdos.

Amazing rumble in the jungle between lions, crocodiles and buffalo.  (via Rob Gale)

Robert Scoble says he’s in a blogging malaise.  That’s sort of like those celebrities who complain about all the fans asking them for autographs and whatnot.  Robert should be thankful for his blogging fame (which he deserves and earned through hard work).  So I’m not going to shed too many tears for him.

Seth makes a good point in the comments to my unblogosphere post.

On that note, I have lately forgotten to implement my new policy, so thanks to Seth, Barbidoll31, Mike, TDavid, Richard, Louis, OmegaMom, EthanSusan, Holly, DeeJay and Kelly for commenting on my recent posts.  Please keep ’em coming!

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