The Top 5 Reasons Darren Rowse is a Marketing Genius

tomsawyerI need to do a Top 5 post so I can get a little link love, and maybe some cash, from Darren Rowse over at Problogger, which for some reason I always read as prob logger.  What better list than the five biggest reasons Darren is the blogosphere’s marketing genius.

So here they are, Letterman style:

5) He founded an emerging church, according to Wikipedia.  I don’t really know what an emerging church is, but it sounds brainy and sorta cool.  As long as he doesn’t start writing science fiction novels and hanging out with Tom Cruise.

4) He also founded a blog network.  I’m not really sure what a blog network is either, but I’ve never belonged to one, so they must have taste and standards.

3) He might be making $1.2M a year from blogging.  That is a pro blogger, by golly.  And even if he doesn’t, he makes at least $120,000.  That’s $108,000 more than Jeff Jarvis (according to the post linked above).  I’m not sure why I find this so funny, but I do.

2) He is the father of multi-level linking via his crafty Group Writing Projects.  He has a lot of juice in the blogosphere, so people crave links from him.  He gives out 2 links each to project participants and gets a zillion links in return, thereby multiplying his juice.  Someone could write a dissertation on the brilliance of this.  And the thing is- it’s a win-win deal.  Anyone can participate.  It’s sort of like the un-blogosphere.

1) I just spent over an hour writing this post, just for a couple of links and a 1 in a zillion chance to win a grand.

While I am poking a little good-natured fun here, let me say for the record that I have been a reader of Problogger for a long time, and Darren strikes me as a good guy.

And a marketing genius.

Bonus question for Darren and everyone else:  If you were a struggling blogger and you had $1,000 to use to increase traffic to your blog, how would you spend it?  Even if I don’t win the contest, I am thinking about budgeting some money to market Newsome.Org.  I’m not going to buy books, or tapes or go to some seminar.  But other than that, anything legal and moral is fair game.

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