(Text) Size is Everything When It Comes to Start Pages

For years I have used two start pages to organize my internet activities.  The Home Place, my hand made page, and My Yahoo.  I have tinkered with Netvibes a little as well.  But I prefer the tradional My Yahoo look and feel to the Ajaxy look and feel of Netvibes and its newer competitors.

The biggest reason why is text size.  My primary monitor is a 24 inch Dell running at 1900 x 1200.  Most pages look really good.  But the text size on Netvibes is tiny.  Less than tiny.  Sub-tiny.  Until recently, text size on My Yahoo was fine.

But My Yahoo has been moving towards the Ajaxy look over the past year or so.  Now the new beta has moved the rest of the way.  My Yahoo’s new look is very similar to Netvibes.  Including the sub-tiny text size (the clip to the left is the actual size).  In fact, thanks to My Yahoo’s decision to run back to the pack, Netvibes has a cleaner, neater look.  It’s an easy to implement stock portfolio module away from being the better choice.

But the text sixe problem needs to be fixed.

These applications need to give users a way to permanently set the text size, preferably at the module level.  Sure, I can change text size at the browser level, but that makes every other page look too big.

The first one of these applications to give me a way to permanently set text size will become my primary start page.  I suspect there are scads of other baby boomers like me who also want and need this feature.

I don’t understand why it doesn’t exist.

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